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BLACK 'N' BLUE came on board last year just in time for Fall breeding.  He is a Blue's Son and the last buckling out of GHK Little Blackie before she died.  He serviced 6 does at about 7 months and looks like he is going to be a "doemaker".  He sired 2 bucklings, and one of those is at the 2017 Oklahoma Buck Test.  We are looking forward to giving him several does this year and see what this guy can really do!
We recently had the opportunity to add this outstanding buck to our breeding program.  He comes from Brandon & Brandie Grimshaw. He is a MGR Titans RC son (AKR Lightin's Titan) and from a AVG Bonnie dam (TNT Dutch) on the bottom.  We purchased a few does from Grimshaws several years ago and those girls have turned out to be some of our best in the herd.  So we were very excited to have this opportunity. He will be getting his fair share of does this season!
We are also very happy to announce that we have acquired SIG Rizzo.  He is a Texas born buck also from the Grimshaw farm. Sired by GIN V22 on top (BBM Dale, Southwest Cisco) and a GIN V4C dam on the bottom (TNT Cody).  Can't wait to get him in our breeding pens this season to see what he does for us. Hoping he passes his gentle disposition along to his offspring.
This GHK Iron Horse buckling was born here on our farm 12-8-16.  We sold our first Iron Horse buckling and wanted to replace those genetics in our herd.  He weighed off at 90 days with an actual weight of 52.2 lbs.  He weighed in on
6-14-17 at 96.6 lbs.  He's a big boy and will be getting a few does of his own this season.  Iron Horse genetics are a favorite of ours here and I'll bet he won't disappoint!
GHK Black"N'Blue passed away earlier this year.  We sure hated to lose him but are thankful that his genetics will live on in our herd.  
Not only one, but we lost 2 great bucks this year.  MJI Frankie died earlier this year as well.  We didn't get to have him but about 7 months, but he certainly left his mark on our herd.